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what are the must-see in Amsterdam, Holland?What is your first impression when you hear about Amsterdam? We know, we know, don’t be shy. Amsterdam is a city where the word “forbidden fruit” more likely represents freedom than its absence, so this time we decided to make the Top 10 Things to Do and to See in Amsterdam. Although, maybe our recommendations will seem a little bold to you, yet they don’t contradict the law when you are in Amsterdam! In order to have your best experience in Amsterdam, check what we have for you on 


Amsterdam food tour - cheese
Amsterdam food tour – cheese

Dutch cheese is, perhaps, one of the most famous in the world after French (many people – many mind), so don’t miss the opportunity to visit some cheese shops in order to at least taste the local delicacies. In addition to cheese, fresh warm bread is sold with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, nuts. Although, if you are not a cheese lover, then go at least to take a photo, the size of the cheese is really impressive!


The famous Amsterdam canals
The famous Amsterdam canals

Being in Amsterdam without visiting its famous canals? Don’t be lazy and be sure to visit the most beautiful ones, namely, Singel and Grachtengordel. Take a walk along the canals, admiring the old houses, so similar to illustrations from children’s fairy tales, or enjoy the magnificent evening view of Dutch Venice from one of the many bridges.

Please bear in mind, that the best experience of the canals of Amsterdam is that one that made from riding them! The easiest way is a water excursion. You can also rent a catamaran or sail a sail boat. Amsterdam has about 90 islands and more than 1,500 bridges, so this idea never makes you bored unless you don’t have a motion sickness. By the way, have about one-hour canal cruise – if you want to join, just click her


Van Goh Museum in Amterdam
Van Goh Museum in Amterdam

Amsterdam has more than 40 museums, so it can be interesting for both connoisseurs of high art and lovers of modern interactive museums. Take a look at the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt, the Rijksmuseum (the largest art museum in the Netherlands and one of the best in Europe).

If you want to spice up your trip a bit, there are also the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, Heineken museum with beer tasting, NEMO Science Museum, Erotic Museum, Madame Tussauds museum, Anne Frank museum and many others. Choose what suits you the most.

Although, be prepared to face the huge lines at the entrance at some of them, to avoid that you can book the offer from Van Gogh Museum skip-the-line tickets, Heineken Experience tickets, Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum skip-the-line ticket, Fast-track Rijksmuseum ticket and canal cruise and many more.

Check out things to do in Amsterdam

4.    TRY SOMETHING FORBIDDEN (that allowed in Amsterdam)

Surprising Amsterdam - Red Lights District
Surprising Amsterdam – Red Lights District

Let’s don’t pretend that it’s a secret. Amsterdam is known for at least two things. The first of which is unusual coffee shops, where you can just drink coffee, and also try marijuana in all its forms, including cupcakes and candy canes. The second thing is the Red Light District, where you can look at the representatives of the most ancient profession in business. We won’t advise you here, but remember that taking pictures of them is strictly prohibited.


Food Experiences in Amsterdam, Holand
Food Experiences in Amsterdam, Holand

We need to unambiguously admit that Dutch cuisine won’t particularly impress you with either its taste or its enormous variety, but perhaps its simplicity. Although there is a square called Leidseplein, where you can find a whole quarter of restaurants from Greek to Indian. It’s a great opportunity to try the cuisine from around the world. The Dutch tavern can be recognized by the Heineken sign and a large number of people inside. For local dishes, pay attention to herring, meatballs or bitterballen and French fries.


The beauty of the flowers - since 1862
The beauty of the flowers – since 1862

The Netherlands is a country of tulips. From Monday to Saturday, the Singel Canal operates a floating flower market, also known as the Bloemenmarkt, which opened since 1862. You can buy a large bouquet or take the bulbs home or you can just visit the Keukenhof Park,

4.5 million tulips of one hundred different varieties of various colours and shades are planted here, there will be something to admire! Be aware that it’s located a bit outside of Amsterdam.


I Amsterdam - the most visited attraction in Amsterdam
I Amsterdam – the most visited attraction in Amsterdam

Huge letters appeared in 2004 as part of a campaign to improve the image of the city. There are three such inscriptions in Amsterdam: on the square in front of the Rijksmuseum, at Schiphol Airport, and a mobile version moving around the city. In addition, I Amsterdam is printed on all souvenirs.

If you already have this photo in your album, then take it as an idea and look for a positive yellow duck on the bike. It’s located at the intersection of De Sint Antoniesbreestraat and Snoekjessteeg.

Update: On December 3, 2018, the sign “I Amstedam” were removed from Museum Square. Now a permanent installation with it is at Schiphol Airport.


Amsterdam the city of bikes
Amsterdam the city of bikes

Amsterdam is the bicycle capital, and we can only say that this is a unique experience to take a ride in Amsterdam. You can feel like a local resident, cutting along bike paths surrounded by like-minded people and creating traffic jams with them. This is also the best and cheapest way to see the city! You can rent a bike easily at one of the rental offices or can buy your own from the second-hand market if you plan to stay here and around longer.


Shopping in Amsterdam
Shopping in Amsterdam

If you are really got bored from H&M, Zara and Mango. We really recommend you to visit a neighbourhood of Amsterdam that called the 9 Streets (Negen Straatjes). Here you can find small designer stores, vintage and colourful second-hands. We want to drop your attention to the last one especially. Amsterdam is full of amazing second-hands shops, where you can find absolutely stunning things for very cheap prices. It probably looks more like a hunt for treasure. So, if it looks like your activity to do, don’t hesitate and go for it!


The great windmill of Amsterdam - Must see
The great windmill of Amsterdam – Must see

A windmill is one of the symbols of the country along with tulips. To get to know this symbol better, you can visit Zanse Schans. It’s an open-air museum where you can see different types of mills, learn the principle of their work and the design of the mill mechanism. Many of them are still in working condition today, they churn oil or grind grain. You can also visit a classic Dutch farm, see how real Dutch cheese is made, and also look into the workshop where traditional shoes with the funny name “Klomp” are cut out.

You can reach Zanse Schans from Amsterdam by bus or train in less than an hour.

Despite the fact that the list of 10 things to do and to see in Amsterdam looks very short, we are sure that following it you will get the best unforgett.

We hope you liked it 🙂

Katy Volk

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